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Tokyo Taiyaki Font: The Artful Fusion of Oriental Aesthetics into Distinctive Typography

In the world of graphic and digital design, fonts play a monumental role. They form the backbone of the visual medium, often bridging the gap between the intent and interpretation of a design piece. Against this backdrop comes the Tokyo

Low Def Fonts: Reviving Nostalgic Charm in Todays High-Def Digital Design

In an era of high-definition and 4k imagery, a sense of profound nostalgia washes over creators and users as they revisit the velvety charm of low resolution era graphics. As the digital design landscape continues to evolve at breakneck speed,

Aokahori Font

Aokahori is a blackletter font design published by Allouse.Studio Published by Allouse.StudioDownload Aokahori

Yasashii Font

Inspired by Japanese cosmetic packaging from the early 1900’s, Yasashii makes for a beautiful Art Deco themed typeface. It’s thin lines and elegant curves even make it a perfect type choice for fashion projects of today. Published by Dharma TypeDownload

Faito Font

Faito & Faito Rough is a handwritten brush font inspired by text balloons found in Japanese comic. Suitable for food and beverages restaurant menu, branding, packaging, summer theme, or your next comic book. Published by Nasir UdinDownload Faito

Nippon Note Font

I just returned from a short holiday in Japan. I stayed in hostels and small guesthouses and noticed a peculiar thing they all had in common: they love little notes, telling you where to go, what to do, how to

Momotaro Font

MomotarĊ is a Japanese legend about a boy who came to earth inside a giant peach. He was found by a childless woman and grew up to be a hero. I’m in a Japanese mood – mainly because lately I

Breezy Font

“Breezy” is a brush script with very expressive strokes and surprising connections. “Breezy” is a great script if you really want to have that crude, rough feeling. Published by Wiescher DesignDownload Breezy

Shojumaru Pro Font

A Japanese chop-style typestyle. Shojumaru draws inspiration from a movie poster for a 1957 film titled Sayonara, starring Marlon Brando. It breaks the formula of a chop suey style by mixing chop suey and traditional letterforms to create a powerful

Beat Box Font

Floating and weaving, the track builds on the fundamental importance of footwork and head movement. Even when it is hard as a punch to the face. Any track can bang, but can the Beat Box? Published by BLKBKDownload Beat Box

Light Fit Font

Drawn by Hajime Kawakami in 2005, Light Fit is a display sans-serif that works great in both content and headline usage. Published by URW Type Foundry GmbHDownload Light Fit

Hermes DTC Font

Both Hermes DTC and Imperial DTC font families are strongly influenced by Schnebel’s work on Latin characters to fit Japanese Kanjis. DTC Hermes is well-suited for office documents, looking good on screens as well as printed. Published by URW Type

Joker DTC Font

A vintage and classic serif designed by Volker Schnebel, Joker DTC brings elegance and class to any project. Works great in both content and headline usage. Published by URW Type Foundry GmbHDownload Joker DTC

P22 Relax Font

Relax, and its companion font, Relax Mix are two typefaces that evoke a playful spirit. Its casual curves and shapes make it the perfect accompaniment for the Ching Mang picture font. Designed by Hajime Kawakami. Relax and Relax Mix are

Kasuga Brush Font

Kasuga Brush is a contemporary script with eastern influence and authentic brush drawn character. The script offers two variants. One is slightly distressed along the character’s edges while the other is painted with a dry brush for interesting texture. Sixty-four

Killernuts Font

Killernuts is a woodtype design with a unique twist on its serifs. The small brush-like serifs were intended to resemble aspects of Japanese calligraphy, a sort of east meets west combination. Published by Dharma TypeDownload Killernuts