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/ January 5, 2015

As the name suggests, Basik is a simple, clean and versatile sans-serif typeface designed by Superfried. It is equally apt in both body or display scenarios and it is now available in a stencil style. There are already numerous san-serif […]

P22 Pop Art Set

/ January 4, 2015

This font set is inspired by the Pop artists of the 1950s and 60s. Based in the images of the popular culture, these fonts are derived from comic books, magazines, advertising, and films of the time. “Pop Art Extras” feature […]


/ January 4, 2015

The work of Alberto Giacometti inspired this spontaneous, calligraphic style created by German graphic designer Thomas Finke. Although somewhat abstract, this typeface is highly legible and benefits from generous letter spacing. Will enhance any work where an elegant, artistic appearance […]


/ January 4, 2015

Designed by Dick Jensen in 1972, Serpentine is a glyphic sans font design. Serpentine is a font design owned by Linotype. Published by URW++ Download Serpentine

Roman Solid

/ January 4, 2015

Designed and released in 1995, Roman Solid is a retro serif design by URW. Contains language support for West, East, Turkish, Baltic, and Romanian. Published by URW++ Download Roman Solid

Hermes DTC

/ January 4, 2015

Both Hermes DTC and Imperial DTC font families are strongly influenced by Schnebel’s work on Latin characters to fit Japanese Kanjis. DTC Hermes is well-suited for office documents, looking good on screens as well as printed. Published by URW++ Download […]


/ January 3, 2015

Pero is a condensed rounded sans-serif family designed by Ryoichi Tsunekawa and the whole family consists of 7 weights from ExtraLight to ExtraBold.The range of styles provides flexibility for title, headline and body text. And the large x-heights gives them […]

YWFT Caliper

/ January 3, 2015

YWFT Caliper was originally created as a unique-yet-readable bitmap typeface. While it works well onscreen at small point sizes, it also can be used at larger sizes for retro-style headers and attention-grabbing statements. YWFT Caliper also contains two free bonus […]

Polytype Brutus II Frames

/ January 3, 2015

Designed by Karl Nayeri, Polytype Brutus II Frames is a font released for the Prime Graphics Type Collection. Copyright Prime Graphics. Published by Prime Graphics Download Polytype Brutus II Frames