Fonts in: Tech

Hyperspace Race Condensed

/ August 7, 2022

It had to happen: Swell Type has reached into the future and returned with the ultimate hyper-condensed sci-fi font: HYPERSPACE RACE! Hyperspace Race Condensed boldly goes where no sci-fi font has gone before… • Four weights: Light, Regular, Bold & Heavy […]

Reqnad Display

/ August 5, 2022

Reqnad Display is part of a series of typefaces by Tondi Republk, inspired by modern industrial design and architecture. The Reqnad Display type system consists of seven typefaces with varying visual styles and weights which can be used interchangeably to […]

Heritage Set

/ August 5, 2022

Heritage Set is a display font that was designed specifically for display, headline, logotype, branding, and similar applications. Heritage Set has been designed to equipped with three different widths; Narrow, Normal and Wide, addition to expanding weights to support various […]

Klapt Cyrillic

/ August 5, 2022

Klapt Cyrillic is a geometric sans serif family that is soft on the outside and sharp on the inside. This font family, of four weights, includes an extended character set supporting most Latin languages ⁠ and extended Cyrillic — even […]

Jetlab Light

/ August 4, 2022

Jetlab is a typographic time machine that drops you squarely into the techno-futuristic optimism of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s! Features: – Nine weights provide widths from Squeezed to Stretched plus high, medium and low crossbar options – upper and […]

SK Cuber

/ August 2, 2022

SK Cuber™ is an expanded monumental pseudo-pixel typeface. It is based on a strict grid that is not broken in any glyph. This makes the type more organic and consistent. The type's characters are monospaced, but they do not look […]

Bruno Ace Pro Rounded

/ August 1, 2022

Auto-Techno-Motive Stance in a softer package. Bruno Ace Rounded Pro is a fresh derivative of our Bruno Ace Pro typeface. It draws its inspiration from modern automotive logotypes. This geometric sans-serif has a wide stance with a tall x-height for […]


/ August 1, 2022

Computerize is a futuristic computer font, perfect for any design that needs a retro-futuristic feel. Published by Graphics BamDownload Computerize


/ August 1, 2022

Northlane is minimalist font with smooth and elegant rounded edges. This font is projecting modern and futuristic vibe, perfectly suited for graphic design application ranging from editorial and corporate design to web and interaction design. Published by Hindia StudioDownload Northlane


/ July 29, 2022

Tuerca font family has been designed for Graviton Font Foundry by Pablo Balcells in 2021. It is a slightly extended sans serif typeface with a strong technical appearence. Its squared, angular shapes provide a futuristic and robust aesthetics. It has […]