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Exploring Horus: The Artful Symmetry of Handwritten Fonts in Digital Design

In the multiplying landscape of digital design and typography, the name of a distinct font may sometimes overshadow its aesthetic virtues. Such is the paradox of Horus, a font design that unabashedly stands out as a superior breed in the

Optic Font

Optic is a distorted, rounded comic style font with an optical effect. Published by Graphics BamDownload Optic

Xplode Font

A font that is literally in mid explosion. For mad scientists and wannabe wizards that like a pop, bang and fizz in there typography. Use with caution! This font was created by Benjamin A Melville and features a full upper

Galiba Font

Give your voice an eye-catching hand-drawn look thanks to this playful font family. You’ll get three styles, along with OpenType features including alternates, ligatures and stylistic sets. Galiba Regular works very well with his small brothers Light and Thin. In

Demented Font

Feeling a bit odd, hearing ‘those’ voice again want to let the world know with a wavy, crazy and odd dream-like font well here it is! Graffiti, hand written / horror film TV series inspired font. Think the ‘Evil Dead’,

Scribbler Font

If your looking for a font that looks like its been rushed, pushed and pulled to one deadline to another and coffee is no longer working then here is the font. With a host of upper and lower case letters

Neon Cactus Font

What’s better than a cactus? A neon cactus! Batteries not included. Spiky fun font. A cool looking funky freaky font designed with the home decor in mind. Create a nice, chic and very trendy looking crafty project with a messages

P22 Blox Font

P22 Blox is a modular system of shapes that can build letterforms and abstract patterns. Created as a working prototype for the letterpress P22 Blox project from and Starshaped Press, this system of shapes presents a unique approach to designing

HWT Bernice Font

HWT Bernice is an ornament font system designed by Marian Bantjes. The basic shapes were designed by Bantjes for the Hamilton Wood Type Museum’s border stamping machine as a contemporary application for this 150 year old machine, which punches shapes

Black Diamonz Font

Black Diamonz is a caps only, display font. This type design works best in large headlines, and or short blocks of text. Published by LuisBDownload Black Diamonz

Roundabout Font

Roundabout is a typeface that is extracted from an ellipse shape. Each and every character started at the same geometrical figure. By cutting it up in sections, twist and rotate the separate characters could be build. The ellipse provides this

Aekid Font

Aekid is a tall condensed sans serif with a slight skew. 5 degree skews on various horizontal strokes give these characters their own unique appearance with even proportions that work well in vertical alignments. Great for headlines and poster use.

Stamen Font

Stamen is the answer to a big question: What would happen if one tried to create a typeface that was ‘out of time’? If a type designer was to turn off the internet and put away the type specimens and

Crow Beak Font

Crow Beak is a font design published by Fonthead. Published by Fonthead Design Inc.Download Crow Beak

Jolly Jack Font

Jolly Jack is a font design published by Fonthead. Published by Fonthead Design Inc.Download Jolly Jack

Bonkers Font

Bonkers is a font design published by Fonthead. Published by Fonthead Design Inc.Download Bonkers

Line 44 Font

Remembering us of the early graffiti on the New York subways. And similar to creating and producing a graffiti, a “Piece”, also the styles of Line44 are superposed in layers. Published by URW Type Foundry GmbHDownload Line 44