Fonts in: Dingbats

Graphic Shapes

/ July 2, 2022

Graphic Shapes Glyph is an amazing dingbats font, consisting of awesome and one-of-a-kind glyphs! Get inspired by this unique font, and turn any design project into a stand out! Published by Graphics BamDownload Graphic Shapes

BM Graphics Ticks

/ July 1, 2022

A set of 75 different glyphs in a massive range of styles and designs. Great for quickly adding graphics to a design or line of text. Export to create icons, crafts and more! Published by Graphics BamDownload BM Graphics Ticks

Play Sign

/ June 29, 2022

Play Sign is a fun and cute decorative font, full of joy! Fall in love with its unique vibe. It's great for kids and adults too! Use for education and schools or learning at home. Published by Graphics BamDownload Play […]

BM Graphic Stars

/ June 22, 2022

BM Stars is a stunning dingbats font that combines 290 Glyphs in 5 different font files presented in a OFT format.. Use it for any design project that requires a starry update! Featuring Hexagon, Natal, Octagram, Pentagram and traditional 5 […]

Face Type

/ June 14, 2022

The typeface Face Type is designed from 2021 for the font foundry Typo Graphic Design by Manuel Viergutz. A mix from the TGD font collection with 1 font-style (Icons) incl. decorative extras like icons, dingbats, emojis   and stylistic alternates […]

FormPattern Color Three

/ June 11, 2022

FormPattern Color Three is an ornamental font for creating borders, frames, lines, and patterns. It is made up of a versatile set of interconnectable shapes that can flow together to make lines, borders, and patterns. Try different letter spacing to […]

Strips and Spots

/ June 8, 2022

Strips and Spots is a fun dingbats font featuring 464 amazing glyphs. Combine the glyphs for cool effects or create unique patterns! Including Hearts, Stars, Circles, Squares, Triangles, Squares and more all featuring a variety of spots and stripes! Published […]

Big Glitch Icon

/ June 8, 2022

Big Glitch Icon is a cool, uniquely shaped, pixelated dingbats font. Add a distorted and trendy touch to your designs with this unusual font! Published by Graphics BamDownload Big Glitch Icon

Comicraft Powerburst

/ June 3, 2022

Your characters aren’t merely angry — something else informs their monologues, something powerful and demanding. Their pronouncements bristle with power and energy, much like the cosmic gloves they wear on their clenched fists! Their words are laced with contempt and anger, and […]

Patternd Squares

/ May 29, 2022

A pack of Fun dingbats font that allows you to quickly add some style to any design project. Published by Graphics BamDownload Patternd Squares