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BB Strata™ Font

The font family BB Strata was first designed for the visualization of scientific content of an exhibition and developed for publication. The construction of the letters consists entirely of right angles and 45 °-diagonals only . It contains 506 characters

Slavica Font

Slavica is a modern pixel version of old Slavonic fonts. Published by Green TypeDownload Slavica

Millennia Font

Millennia is a font design published by Fonthead. Published by Fonthead Design Inc.Download Millennia

Story Font

Story font is an experiment to convert the script-style calligraphy into bitmap format. Made alongside Tale fonts, with different design. Published by Suomi Type FoundryDownload Story

YWFT Crossover Font

YWFT Crossover is oh-so-aptly named, since it started as custom lettering for branding work, then crossed over into font format. It also is comprised entirely of crosses–so very meta. YWFT Crossover functions much like a bitmap font, but contains beautiful

YWFT OneCross Font

Comprised entirely of “plus signs” of varying weights, YWFT OneCross had its genesis in YWFT OverCross (2002). When it was reworked later that year in order to create a more integrated blend of positive and negative space, Over became One,

YWFT Service Font

YWFT Service is a display typeface, strongly influenced by electronic music during the late 90s and early 00’s. YWFT Service began as custom-drawn lettering on flyers for various music labels and DJs. Despite its underground origins, however, YWFT Service works

FontForum Supernormale Font

Type is a very important element within the corporate design process. A corporate font that works in all media (screen, print, vinyl etc) delivers a very high level of recognition and resultingly, identification with the company. Most of the existing

YWFT Reversion Font

YWFT Reversion is an interestingly wide and versatile display type design, perfect for a striking headline or an attention-grabbing poster or billboard. One of YWFT Reversion’s strengths is its ability to help any designer start custom lettering jobs with a

Vektori Font

Vektori family comes from those Atari games that had those distinct vector graphics with thin and precise straight lines. Contains 6 very diverse width styles, that make it easy to fit any type layout in need of some digital styling.

P22 De Stijl Set Font

The Dutch De Stijl movement (1917-1931) sought to create an art which took abstraction to its logical extreme, as exhibited in the paintings of Piet Mondrian. Inspired by the movement’s philosophy of pure form, P22’s De Stijl set features three

YWFT Caliper Font

YWFT Caliper was originally created as a unique-yet-readable bitmap typeface. While it works well onscreen at small point sizes, it also can be used at larger sizes for retro-style headers and attention-grabbing statements. YWFT Caliper also contains two free bonus

YWFT Blackgold Font

Challenging Stage! YWFT Blackgold was originally designed as a second extension to YWFT Caliper. It is a thick, chunky, video game-inspired pixel font that works great in digital- and retro-themed projects. (And of course for entering your name in the

YWFT OverCross Font

YWFT OverCross originally started as a typeface design that set out to explore visual form while retaining legibility. At close range, YWFT OverCross is visually beautiful but rather unreadable. Take a step back, however, and it becomes completely legible, perfect

Tale Font

Tale is an experiment to convert the script-style calligraphy into bitmap format. The two variants have the same dimensions, but (as the naming suggests), Forty has double amount of pixels in it when compared to Twenty. Both variants have hand

YWFT 6x7oct Font

October?? No…it’s all about octagons. That’s right, YWFT 6x7oct was painstakingly created from nothing but octagonal shapes. We used different influences such as punch cards and other electronic devices that use systematical circles for readout, which makes for a machine-like

YWFT Processing Font

YWFT Processing was developed in 2001 for Casey Reas, the co-creator of the Processing programming language. We created this display face to be sharp, tall, unique and interesting…much like Mr. Reas himself. The font was derived from an original logo

YWFT DesignGraphik Font

YWFT DesignGraphik is a custom typeface that was created for the fifth version of Michael Paul Young’s long-running online art project of the same name. Accordingly, the font has strong family ties with (and carries a strong resemblance to) MPY’s