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Anamorphic Font

Anamorphic is a display monospace handwriting font. The typeface is a distinct hand drawn font using a felt tip marker. The Anamorphic name is derived from Greek words meaning “formed again”. Anamorphic is great for display work, invitations, writing, architecture,

Evangelos Font

Evangelos is a display handwriting font. The typeface is a distinct uppercased style hand drawn font and designed to be easy to read. Evangelos is an homage to the handwriting style of the designer’s father, a puzzle toy inventor who

Miso Font

Miso was designed for architects’ drawings. It’s a clean and narrow typeface suitable for small text but also for headlines and logos. The spacing of Miso follows the logic of mono-stroke fonts as found in CAD software. The starting point

Niemeyer Font

Oscar Niemeyer is one of the greatest architects of our time—his unique way of mixing straight lines and abstract curves gives rise to an unmistakable and characteristic style. This typeface is my own tribute to Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer. The

Pumpkinseed Font

With its eight type styles and chockablock character set, Pumpkinseed ranks among the few truly casual handwritten typefaces with an industrial-strength, multi-purpose feel. Its name, by the way, comes from the distinctively oblong shapes of certain counters as well as

Tecon Font

In the days when typesetting was still a craft, typesetters had to learn how to construct the letters of the alphabet. They had to be able to draw by hand. Every young typesetter had to prove, that he was able

Designer Script Font

“Designer Script” is a very cool script, that has only one objective and that is pure transportation of information. Attracting as little attention to the script itself as possible. Published by Wiescher DesignDownload Designer Script

Draft Hand Font

Draft Hand is a font design published by Fonthead. Published by Fonthead Design Inc.Download Draft Hand

Two By Four Font

Two By Four is a font design published by Fonthead. Published by Fonthead Design Inc.Download Two By Four

Schema Font

Schema is a family of hand-drawn architectural lettering designed by Ethan Dunham. Schema comes in three weights, light, regular and bold. This font works well both in mixed case and upper case settings. Published by Fonthead Design Inc.Download Schema

Ashemore Font

Ashemore developed as a result of my visits to Barcelona, Spain and to Germany, followed soon after by a visit to Asheville, North Carolina. Blending the styles of art and architecture from these three areas may seem initially to result

Dieselis Economic Font

Designed by Samy Halim, Dieselis Economic is a FAMILY of 6 monoline sans serif fonts: light, medium and bold weights with Italics. Contemporary, clean, trendy and condensed. Excellent for print or web. Published by FontHausDownload Dieselis Economic