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Swiss Folk Ornaments Font

Swiss Folk Ornaments were inspired by old Swiss embroidery designs. Swiss Folk Ornaments – Critters & Things is composed of critters (animals) and other things, hearts, pitchers, and a basket. In the character set all critters face to the left.

Heraldic Creatures Font

Many fabulous creatures were created for use on heraldic crests. The Heraldic Creatures font is an assortment of simplified renderings of some of these creatures. There is a total of 47 creatures all located under the normal character keys. Published

Fish Fresh Font

Fish Fresh is a dingbats font design published by Gerald Gallo Published by Gerald GalloDownload Fish Fresh

Zoological Font

Zoological is a playful typeface designed for use with zoo signage. The zoo characters form bold, characteristic headlines and many can be used as individual illustrations. You can also combine Zoological with VAG Rounded Bold to enhance large blocks of

Kaboom Font

Kaboom family contains 80 handmade glyphs depicting animals. It consists of two varieties: black as an outline and regular – with details. Inside you'll find monkeys, fish, birds, deer, pandas and other animals from the real world and fairy-tale. Illustrations

Woof Font

Woof! A font full of the best-loved dogs plus one mutt. Distinct lines convey the character and heart of each breed. Published by Outside The LineDownload Woof