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Lucylane – Signature Typeface Font

Lucylane – Signature Typeface is a free-flowing monoline, the two style typeface exploits the common letter-to-letter transitions of the typical cursive hand by utilizing two style points controlled within the machinations of OpenType Contextual Alternates. It can be used to

Florentine Cursive Font

Florentine Cursive was designed by R.H. Middleton for Ludlow, circa 1956. Digitally engineered by Steve Jackaman. Published by Red RoosterDownload Florentine Cursive

Alys Font

Designed by A. Pat Hickson. An original design. A memorial typeface by Pat for her mother, Alys, who was tragically killed. Published by Red RoosterDownload Alys

Javelin Font

Designed by A. Pat Hickson, Javelin is a sport-like and retro font design. Published by Red RoosterDownload Javelin

Packard Font

Designed by Steve Jackaman & Ashley Muir. Packard Old Style is based on lettering drawn by Oswald Cooper for the Packard Motor Company (ATF 1913). The bold weight is credited to Morris Fuller Benton (ATF 1916), but it is highly

Demian Font

This informal, free-flowing script incorporates all the spontaneity of a cultured handwritten style. Ideally, the lower case should be used for word settings with the capitals acting as initialling compliments. Widely used in the current vogue for informal styles. Created

Balmoral Font

An elegant, free-flowing copperplate script style designed by renowned British designer Martin Wait. Generous initial capitals compliment the more restrained lower case letters that join for balanced letter spacing in word settings. Excellent for certificates, citations, diplomas and greeting card

Mulberry Script Pro Font

Mulberry is a beautiful handwritten calligraphy script that comes with lovely alternates, ligatures, extras and ornaments. Choose between Mulberry Script or Mulberry Script Pro and two font weights (Regular/Bold). Mulberry Script comes with a basic set of alternates. Mulberry Script

Victory Script Family Font

Created by Graphic Designer Tom Nikosey for his CozyFonts Foundry in 2015, Victory Script & Victory Script Aged were designed to fit the need for designers to have a legible, medium weight italic script font that they could apply to

Blackmoor Font

Based on an old English letter style, Blackmoor richly evokes all the character of medieval times. It’s rough, distressed features make it an excellent choice for a variety of applications from serious historical publications to horror movies and comics. Designed

Ulysses Font

Timothy Donaldson, English calligrapher, used a Decro Pen with a square-shaped nib to create this informal, energetic-looking typeface. The immediate, authoritative look of the letters are enhanced by close letter spacing. Can be used for purposes requiring all capitals or

Cabarga Cursiva Font

The formidable partnership of father and son: Demetrio E. Cabarga and Leslie Cabarga, two eminent New York designers, developed this unique, contemporary script typeface. Like most scripts, the capitals serve only as initials and link with a lowercase that includes