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The Allure of Distressed Fonts: Exploring their Usage in Graphic Design

Explore the emotional and visual complexity of distressed fonts, and how they add depth to digital design.

Hops and Barley Font

Hops And Barley is a vintage font collection. Hops And Barley includes following: • 6 fonts – a textured and clean version of each • Catchwords, textured and clean version • Ornaments, textured and clean version Hops And Barleys’ core

Furrow Font

Roughed up a perfectly clean sans serif. Furrow wrinkles like the wind or water or some substance is slowly eroding it, while also maintaining clarity on defining parts of each glyph. 500+ characters, and 4 stylistic alternates for each letter

Mouldy Retro Font

With effects of rust, used rubber stamps and a weathered feel this font gives the impression of a cool textured feel for your designs. A brushed and hand-written, messy font and also a nod to partially a retro design. Give

Wood Bonnet Antique No7 Font

Wood Bonnet Antique No.7 is based on real vintage wood type blocks from Switzerland. The very distressed letters give a warm analogue vintage charm on printing. The font offers up to four glyph variations of all the Latin base letters,

Attic Antique Font

Attic Antique replicates the warn, weathered text in a friend’s old copy of John Burroughs nature essays. It shares the wide spacing and ample serifs of the Century faces. Use it to represent age, to suggest photocopied archives, or to

Handy Man Font

Handy Mann verkauft Handys. Er sagt: “Ich gebe Handys für alle möglichen Leute, sie kommen zusammen und den Kontakt genießen, den sie miteinander erleben, durch ihre Handys.” Handy Mann ist ein engagierter Verkäufer, “Wenn ich einen Klienten in meinem Griff

Kiln Font

Kiln from Yellow Design Studio is a timeworn, hand-crafted type family with serif, sans serif, and unique spiked versions. It’s a historic revival with modern twists. All letters have 2 distress options for added realism and customization. Other features include

City Work Font

Jackhammers and backup beepers. An inharmonious din. A rumble and a clatter. Night shifts and traffic tie-ups. Garbage men, sewer workers, road crews, and cops. Civil servants in civic servitude. Work the city, make the City Work. Published by BLKBKDownload

Mamute Font

Mamute is a block rockin’ family with a cool letterpress look. Its upper- and lower-case slots hold glyphs with slightly different textures for a natural look. Numbers and punctuation marks also have alternate versions. Just trigger the Contextual Alternates feature