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Cresci Exemplar™ Pro Font

Cresci Exemplar™ Pro was originally designed by Giovanni Francesco Cresci, the 16th century Milanese writing master. These letters from his book Essemplare are some of the most elegant capitalis monumentalis ever produced and served as a model for later inscriptions

Bw Vivant Font

Designed by Moritz Kleinsorge & Alberto Romanos, Bw Vivant is a glamorous sans serif font family. It marries the visual appeal of deeply modulated serif typefaces with a minimal geometric approach, discarding any accessory element on the hunt for the

Assemblage Font

Assemblage Designed by Daniel Hernández, Alfonso García, Bruno Jara Ahumada and Luciano Vergara. Assemblage is a typeface-inspired by Roman square capitals-that comes in 6 different weights and ranging from Thin to Black. The background of the typeface makes it well-suited

Alexon Font

Designed by Les Usherwood. Digitally engineered by Steve Jackaman. Originally in one weight, Steve designed and produced three additional weights. Published by Red RoosterDownload Alexon

Goudy 38 Font

Designed by Les Usherwood. Digitally engineered by Steve Jackaman. Originally designed by Frederick Goudy for the original Life magazine, circa 1908. The typeface was used almost exclusively for their advertising and was often known as Goudy Gimbel; but the typeface

Garamond Font

Garamond was originally designed by R.H. Middleton for Ludlow, circa 1929-30. Digitally engineered by Steve Jackaman. Published by Red RoosterDownload Garamond

Waverly Font

Waverly is a round and soft serif designed by Les Usherwood, digitally engineered by Steve Jackaman. Published by Red RoosterDownload Waverly

Bellini Font

Designed by A. Pat Hickson, Bellini is an original design based on the typeface Progreso from the Gans foundry circa 1923. Published by Red RoosterDownload Bellini

Modernista Font

“Art Nouveau” happened over Europe under different names. They called it “Jugenstil” in Germany, “Le style moderne” in France, »Sezessionsstil« in Austria and Eastern Europe, “Stile Liberty” in Italy and “Modernista” in Spain. “Jugendstil” in Germany is what started modern

Kingsley Font

Designed by Les Usherwood. Digitally engineered by Steve Jackaman. This beautiful recreation by Les of the Frederick Goudy typeface, Kennerley Old Style, circa 1911-24, may be superior to any other. Published by Red RoosterDownload Kingsley

Imperia Font

“Imperia” is derived from my Classic font “Imperium” – the Roman Original from the ‘Trajan column. I pushed “Imperia” a lot further, added two versions of swings. To make the family more usable threw in my own version of lowercase

Imperium Font

“Imperium” is the official font of the Imperium Romanum, the roman empire. Only since my youngest son decided to learn Latin do I know that the Romans had another “font” for everyday use, “Scriptura Vulgaris” an italic script. Among typomaniacs

Principe Font

“Principe” is the Bodonian idea driven to the limit by abolishing most of the hairlines! The shape is completed only by the eye of the reader. This gives room for elegant embellishments and makes for a surprisingly new look to

Eleganza Font

“Eleganza” is my most elegant typeface. At least that is what I think! I use it for business cards and everything that has to be elegant with that extra touch. The font comes in pairs for the price of one.

Marcellus Pro Font

Our Marcellus Pro was inspired by classic Roman inscription letterforms. Clarity and beauty are embodied in the standard lowercase, while this historically influenced typeface also nods to the powerful presence of the Trajan titling style with its SmallCaps set. When

Legan Font

Legan is a font created by PeGGO Fonts, a very large typeface that follows the classical Trajan pattern, several geometrical proportions like root five, divine proportion (Golden Ratio), regular square, between other ones, same like Greek Trajan uppercase letters used

Allise Font

Allise is a retro styled font design published by Fonthead. Published by Fonthead Design Inc.Download Allise