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Designed by the Swedish design studio Suprb, this was a custom-made typeface for the Nordic magazine Cap & Design. The typeface was originally designed to be used as the main headline style and as a strong graphical element throughout the


ASCA-D is the latest version in the ASCA series from Suprb and the Subtype foundry. After the original version titled ASCA, ASCA-D was later developed as a lighter and cleaner version to represent Diesel’s online presence in Sweden for Diesel

Wyld Font

Wyld is the alternative version of Myld from the subtype family. As a very light alternative sans-serif, it has strong presence whilst remaining incredibly minimal. Wyld is fully developed and has a full character set supporting all european languages. Published

Suprb Type Collection Font

This collection of fonts covers many areas of type design; clean sans-serif designs, fashionable thin weights, heavy slabs and abstract pattern making fonts. Designed by the prestigious and creative design studio Suprb. Includes: Capset, Myld, Wyld, ASCA-D, ASCA, CLOUD.DOT.TWO, Quick