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Premis Font

Do you often find yourself looking for a font that is universal and neutral on the one hand, and distinctive and special on the other? Here's one for you. Premis is a fairly broad font family that is suitable for

Mosse Thai Font

Mosse Thai is a thai font design published by Deltatype Published by DeltatypeDownload Mosse Thai

Hillwood Font

Hillwood is a contemporary brush script with perpendicular style. Hillwood built on a combination of high-speed brush lettering and natural balance of each letter. Suitable for urban design style whether it is for sign painting, brand, t-shirt, badge/insignia, etc. Published

Mosse Font

Mosse is a sans serif font design published by Deltatype Published by DeltatypeDownload Mosse

Pensum Display Font

Pensum Display is the triangular and spiky packmate of text monster Pensum Pro. Designed to be used for anything big and for nothing that isn’t big, Pensum Display is a sharp, high contrast design ready to take on display and

Arcas Font

Arcas is a display sans with no curves — straight lines only. Unlike many other typefaces with this characteristic, however, it’s built with some asymmetry, which helps it avoid the “sports” or “tech” feel that many of those fonts often

Comspot Font

Comspot is a rounded, typewriter-flavoured font family with a human touch. Originally designed as a custom typeface Comspot’s nine weights — razor-thin hairline to ultra black — and 14 stylistic alternates fulfil every need, from extended to display text. Comspot’s

Rogan Font

Rogan: A Robust Modular Sans. Rogans clean lines started out as an exercise in modularity and geometric forms. This initial construction approach was then adapted to improve the functionality of the family; Breaking away from the strictly modular system in

Juju Font

Juju was created for a wide variety of usages. There isn't a single curve in any of the 253 glyphs in each five styles. It works for your sports team, your space rocket, your CNC router, anything. Stack all five

Bluenote Font

“Bluenote” is a font based on “Franklin Gothic condensed”. In the 60s and 70s the record label Blue Note published all those classic jazz records of my youth. Someone at their arts department cut letters to ribbons and designed wonderful

Copperplate Wide Font

“Copperplate Wide” is remotely based on the traditional Copperplate typeface that can be seen on many business cards. I have completely redrawn the typeface in a much wider version and without those stubby little serifs. In the place of the

Alpha Echo Font

“Alpha Echo” is another of my experimental typefaces. Very stretched and pointed with wide and narrow capitals only. For additional mixability I designed a set of swashes. Everything mixes with everything. Give it a try, it is very interesting. Published

Bombelli Light Hand Font

Bombelli is a font that looks like it has been handwritten by a meticulous architect in one of those hand-drawn blueprints of the old days. I chose the name to honor one of my ex-bosses — a graphic designer-architect who