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Margarita Font

Margarita Light Font is formal script font with multilingual support. Is ideal for wedding invitations, magazines, social media, restaurant menus, greeting cards, birthday invitations, headers and many more. This brush font comes with a complete set of lowercase and uppercase

Kasandra Script Font

Kasandra Script is a script font design published by Great Studio Published by Great StudioDownload Kasandra Script

Pointino Font

“Pointino” is a very pointed script. It comes in three versions: Pointino-A has good looking curves, Pointino-B has more of those good looking curves and Pointino-C has fewer, but still sensational curves. Pointino is very sexy, as sexy as typefaces

Artegio Font

“Artegio” is an elegant, joining, classical script with impressive horizontal swirls. I designed an comlementary set with simpler capitals, lower-case ending letters and medieval ciphers. Published by Wiescher DesignDownload Artegio

Dyane Font

Dyane is based on monolinear scripts from the Bauhaus time. But it is very special for its counter strokes in the lowercase letters a, h, m and n that gives the script a very distinct rhythm. Published by Wiescher DesignDownload

English Script Font

“English Script” is the classic spencerian english script. I always wanted to do one of these, now finally I did. Published by Wiescher DesignDownload English Script

Flourishes A Font

“Florishes A” are a set of flourishes, that serves well for frames and other elegant embellishments, they are beginning of last century American. Your I-found-them-somewhere type-designer Gert Wiescher Published by Wiescher DesignDownload Flourishes A

Eddy Font

“Eddy” is short for my dirty version of an Edwardian Script. I give you three versions, Big Splats, Splats and Rough. You should mix them for best results. Published by Wiescher DesignDownload Eddy

Poem Script Font

Poem Script is a mixed collection of interpretations conjuring a late nineteenth century American pen script style. Though not an actual Italian letterform, this style was called “Italian Alphabet” stemming from an old penman’s term for an alphabet where the

King Bloser Font

King Bloser Is a calligraphic font family inspired by Masters of Penmanship. The name King Bloser is a homage to penman E.W. Bloser from the 18th century; While the typeface has nothing from Bloser’s work, he was one of the

Almibar Font

Almibar is a delicate and very elegant connected script font. Its classic style is perfect to be applied in any type of formal pieces such invitations, labels and menus. Published by Corradine FontsDownload Almibar

Quarzo Font

Quarzo is inspired by the flexible nib strokes to create a concatenation of refinement with character mixing the contrast with pronounced but rounded angles. This angles along with the inktraps give the font a better performance when printing. Texts will

Business Penmanship Font

Business Penmanship is an ode to the business handwriting from the era penmanship was a highly-valued part of business education and practice. In the early 1800s, Platt Rogers Spencer (1800-1864) created what would become the most widely accepted and prized

Antique Spenserian Font

This antique script is based on Spencerian script released from MacKellar, Smiths, & Jordan in the 19th century. This family comes in two varieties, Standard and ornamented capitals. The Standard has orthodox style for formal text and display. This makes

Parfumerie Script Font

Typesenses presents Parfumerie Script, designed by Sabrina Lopez. With more than 2500 glyphs, Parfumerie is unique amongst the others in its style because it is based on the author’s calligraphy. One of its variables is a Decorative option which combines

Mercy Font

This Ladies’ Hand Style font is very (somewhat) similar to ornamental penmanship, but uses slightly longer ascenders and descenders and a modest shading. Originally the Ladies’ Hand had less flourishings, which was ideal for writing long letters. Even though its