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Island SVG Font

Island SVG Font. A high definition OpenType-SVG font. Contains uppercase characters, numerals and basic punctuation. (Draw height roughly 800 pixels). All letters and glyphs that comprises this font you can see on the preview. The font is a colour OpenType

Selma Font

Selma is a family of Sans Serif fonts with 492 Glyphs, 04 weight (Light, regular, medium and bold), with long stems, inspired by bar codes. Extremely condensed vertical emphasis, its bars positioned at the ends of the rods give a

Fish Fresh Font

Fish Fresh is a dingbats font design published by Gerald Gallo Published by Gerald GalloDownload Fish Fresh

LeftheriaPRO Font

Leftheria has its structure projected from the capitals of the Greek columns of Ionian order, it is a typography condensed with vertical emphasis composed by 05 weights (light, regular, medium, semibold, bold) including ligatures, alternates, small caps, old styles figures,

Holiday Font

Holiday is a fun, playful and informal script design published by Letterhend Studio. Holiday features uppercase, lowercase, punctuations, symbols & numerals, stylistic set alternate, ligatures, etc. Published by Letterhend StudioDownload Holiday

Portena Font

Portena is a playful, distressed and display icon/dingbat font design, inspired by mermaids. Published by RodrigoTypoDownload Portena

Florentine Cursive Font

Florentine Cursive was designed by R.H. Middleton for Ludlow, circa 1956. Digitally engineered by Steve Jackaman. Published by Red RoosterDownload Florentine Cursive

Alys Font

Designed by A. Pat Hickson. An original design. A memorial typeface by Pat for her mother, Alys, who was tragically killed. Published by Red RoosterDownload Alys

Byron Font

Designed by A. Pat Hickson, Byron is a script font based on a turn of the century design. Published by Red RoosterDownload Byron

Willard Sniffin Font

Designed by Willard T. Sniffin. Digitally engineered by Steve Jackaman. Based on the original Willard T. Sniffin design of 1933 for ATF, this informal brush script was known as Keynote. Published by Red RoosterDownload Willard Sniffin

Submariner R24 Font

Submariner R24 is a modification of the Submariner type family. It still holds pleasant humanistic construction, but now the letters are easier. Rounded corners enhance the typeface’s sophistication and broaden its usability. It is a remarkable typographic discovery. The letter

Hercílio Font

Hercilio is a typographic family without condensed serif, modern and geometric inspired by the architectural forms of the Hercílio Luz Bridge in Florianopolis | Brazil Comprising eleven (11), weights of which ten (10) business are: Five weights Romans: Light, Normal,

Nautikka Font

Nautikka was designed from the waves of the sea is a sans serif, elegant and functional for editorial design, visual identities or digital applications. With 685 glyphs, 5 weights and variations in italics is a versatile font with great legibility.

Marimuntanya Font

This font is a modern display type with two series. “Mar” means “sea” in catalan so the graphic illustrated lines are based on waves. “Muntanya” on the other hand means “mountain” and changes this graphic to a more angular shape.