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Cosmic Rays Font

Floating on photons, waving wings of pure energy, tail cocked to spear spacemen. The most alluring of all celestial fauna, Cosmic Rays navigate space by swimming through pure ether–familiar in their motion and form to their water-bound cousins. Published by

Bad Habits Font

Brother Radolf the Penitent enjoyed a peaceful life of prayer and penance… Until marauding heathens sacked his abbey and burned it to the ground. Now, there’s no more Mr. Nice Monk–he’s out to lash the unfaithful, wearing his Bad Habits.

Szablon Font

Designed by Wojtek Podulka in 2004, Szablon is a modern and obscure type design. Szablon maintains a modern, minimal and avant garde presence that works great in branding projects. Published by URW Type Foundry GmbHDownload Szablon