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Glot Font

Glot is a ten-member flared terminal sans serif family of typefaces based on a mix of proportions of Roman square capitals and hyper-readable sans serifs. After designing the house typefaces for a handful of the most predominant multiplayer online games

P22 Late November Font

P22 Late November is a new font family from Norwegian type designer Torliev Sverdrup. The font is a transitional Antiqua-inspired type design great for text and display uses Late November is a transitional Antiqua-inspired type design. Says Torliev: “I started

P22 Spiggie Pro Font

P22 Spiggie From the designer: “Spiggie is a sans-serif, whose name came to me on a Shetland beach. The beach traces a tight curve between the shoreline and the sea paralleled in the font’s controlled yet smooth character. The design language reaches

Neuforma Font

Neuforma was Inspired by the Scandinavian design throughout Iceland, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. Designed by Ludovic Riffault, Neuforma is a brand new Nordic inspired type family. With 4 fully developed weights. Neuforma gives you full creative freedom for all kinds