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Balaghat Font

Rapid handwriting script for posters, advertising and visual part of work. Very impressive and strong letterform stands out. Published by Dharma TypeDownload Balaghat

Boarding House Font

I have never stayed at a boarding house myself, but I’ve heard some horror stories. When I have finished painting the three fonts (using Chinese ink and a small brush), I didn’t have to think long for a name. Boarding

Aviano Royale Font

Aviano returns to lend its classic line to its newest variation, Aviano Royale–named so because of the rich flow the calligraphic capitals give the established font. The extended lowercase characters give an air of formality to the face as well

Grandezza Font

“Grandezza” is my most elaborate script so far and it is the script for many countries that write in Latin letters as well. I designed it in 5 different parts, since I still think the “OpenType Format” is phantastic but

Movie Script Font

“Movie Script” is the script that was used in German movie-brochures. Those were small four page leaflets with a lot of sepia-colored pictures about the movie one was about to see. Today those things are collectors items. The script was

Antea Font

“Antea” is named after “Antaeus” the giant of Libya in Greek mythology, son of Poseidon and Gaia (mother earth), whose wife was Tinjis. He was extremely strong if he stayed in contact with the earth, but once lifted into the

Breathless Font

“Breathless” was inspired by movie posters of the “Nouvelle Vague” era. When Jean Seberg and Jean-Paul Belmondo were young and films in black and white. So I named this very spiky affair after that phantastic movie of my youth “A

Sherlock Font

Sherlock is a very mysterious script, always on the lookout for the killer-design-project. It is a joining- or not-joining-script, whatever you want it to be. The pro-version sports 807 glyphs with language support for all European languages and some –

NT Fata Font

NT Fata is a decorative multi-layered font. It allows endless possibilities. The ornamental shapes refer to middle eastern patterns, giving the type a mysterious and imaginative feel. The glyph set contains elegant ornaments, enabling you to decorate your design even

John Doe Font

John Doe is a font design published by Fonthead. Published by Fonthead Design Inc.Download John Doe

P22 Bagaglio Font

A mysterious 1930s Italian luggage tag inspired Bagaglio. Given its historical and geographical origin, this rough-hewn font could be considered a cousin to our Il Futurismo. Published by P22 Type FoundryDownload P22 Bagaglio

Libra Font

Libra is a font design released for the Mecanorma Type Collection. Copyright 2004 Trip Productions BV. Published by MecanormaDownload Libra

Lily Wang Font

Based on Hong Kong ladies f script from the 19th century. The inky texture in this design gives it a realistic handwriting appearance. Published by Dharma TypeDownload Lily Wang

Pansy Bo Font

Pansy Bo is based on Hong Kong ladies script from the 19th century. Contains an inky texture that gives the feeling of realistic handwriting appearance. Published by Dharma TypeDownload Pansy Bo

Blanchard Font

Blanchard is a revival and elaborate extension of Muriel, a 1950 metal face made by Joan Trochut-Blanchard for the Fonderie Typographique Française, that was published simultaneously by the Spanish Gans foundry under the name Juventud. Blanchard is a script that