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The Dada Font

The Dada* is a dumb idea that got way too far, but nonetheless, can still be quite useful for designers, illustrator’s and typesetters in need of manicules. * as with the foundry’s name, bonus pun for portuguese speakers only Published

Cabrito Inverto Font

And so now, here it is. Cabrito Inverto, which features the reversed stress of the strokes from a font’s “normal” traits. Inverted stress fonts are most often associated with cowboys and the Old West. The inverted stress gives it a

Shelton Font

Shelton is a Typeface with a eroded, printed look. The letters seem to be from different alphabets to support the wood type feeling. Every letter has an alternate character. Shelton has a wide language support and also contains arrows and

King Tut Font

King Tut is a restoration and expansion of the original Egyptian Expanded, a single bold face cut in 1850 by Miller & Richard, the famous Edinburgh founders. This aesthetic, though originally issued to help drive simple print advertising of those