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LTC Bodoni Bold Font

Bodoni Bold was drawn by London based type designer Dave Farey for Lanston Type during one of his alter-ego bouts as Giambattista Bodoni in the early 1990s. This font presents the unusual opportunity to use a Bodoni as body copy.

LTC Ornaments Animalia Font

Lanston Monotype made individual ornaments that could be ordered as needed. They were not generally sold as “fonts” as assorted characters, but often individually or in multiples of the same ornament to make borders. This collection of 62 ornaments features

LTC Caslon Font

The Pedigree of LTC Caslon Caslon Old Style is recognized as one of the finest examples of the “Old Style” group of type faces. It was originally cut by William Caslon in England, in about 1720, and is rated by

LTC Twentieth Century Pro Font

20th Century is a modern sans serif with apparent geometry yet it still has a certain warmth in its design. It is based on Paul Renner’s Futura and was redrawn by Sol Hess for Lanston Monotype. The new digital revival

LTC Goudy Sans Font

Goudy Sans Bold was originally designed by Fredric Goudy in 1922 as a less formal “gothic” and finished in 1929. The light was designed in 1930 and the Light Italic in 1931. Alternate letterforms are included in these three Goudy

LTC Broadway Font

Originally designed by Morris Fuller Benton for ATF in 1927, Sol Hess added a lower case in 1929. Hess also drew Broadway Engraved in 1928 for Lanston Monotype. Broadway has become somewhat of a classic icon as an “Art Deco”

LTC Californian Font

Frederic Goudy designed Californian as a private commission for the University of California at Berkeley in 1939. This face is often considered to be the finest type design from the prolific Goudy. Californian was later released by Lanston Monotype for