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Traffic Type Font

Originally designed in 1980, Traffic Type is a font family of 2 sans-serifs and 1 serif. The fonts are European in style, inspired by highway and interstate signage of Spain, Sweden and Luxembourg. These fonts work great in multiple mediums,

Saa Font

Massive letters on reflective green signs, offering direction and distance to everywhere–if you’ve driven a vehicle in the United States, you’ve seen SAA, which was designed in 1980 as a clone of the U.S. Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) series of

Fette Mittelschrift Font

Fette Mittelschrift is a san-serif font design, originally created for technical and traffic signage. Fette Mittelschrift was published and released by URW, contains language support for West, East, Turkish, Baltic, and Romanian. Published by URW Type Foundry GmbHDownload Fette Mittelschrift

Turnpike Font

Take a trip down the interstate with Turnpike, an extra wide 1960s style modern gothic font inspired by classic dashboard lettering. Published by Font DinerDownload Turnpike

Bahn Pro Family Font

Bahn Pro Family is a display font inspired by the old austrian bahn signs. Published by Pier Francesco MartiniDownload Bahn Pro Family