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The Basicons Collection Font

A couple years ago we released five different sets of themed illustrations called “YWFT Basicons.” These five sets of vector designs were entitled “Business,” “Cafe,” “Emoji,” “Hands” and “Web Design,” and they were very helpful in a variety of design

Finger Paint Font

Watch the water colors, kids, and use your God-given tools to transform plain construction paper into works of smudgy art. Finger Paint: whether it’s in your hair or all over your parents’ walls, its only limit is your imagination. Published

The Dada Font

The Dada* is a dumb idea that got way too far, but nonetheless, can still be quite useful for designers, illustrator’s and typesetters in need of manicules. * as with the foundry’s name, bonus pun for portuguese speakers only Published

Fingerprint Font

The Fingerprint™ Regular font has fingerprint markings on only certain selected characters, in the hope of allowing most basic text to be set with a pleasing blend of marked and unmarked characters. Inevitably, you will set words with letter combinations

Two Fingers Font

Two Fingers is a collection of handwritten fonts. The idea was to create a family of handwritten fonts that can work very well together. All the letters where imported in Glyphsapp that permits to create new styles like “Rough” or