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Basicons: Cafe Font

Stylish, adaptable, versatile and above all, simple, this set of 100 icons works very well for restaurant menus, cafe signage, product designs, window displays, presentations, web site designs, and many other restaurant, cafe and food-based design scenarios. BONUS: Includes a

Spag Bowl Font

Massive bundle with 5 weights from Light, Reg, Bold, Black and regular outlined. Hungry? Well here is an inspired food font by that lovely Italian dish, slightly wiggly comic font. Good for handwriting or comic sans replacement. ‘Spag Bowl’ is

Aviano Royale Font

Aviano returns to lend its classic line to its newest variation, Aviano Royale–named so because of the rich flow the calligraphic capitals give the established font. The extended lowercase characters give an air of formality to the face as well

Food Doodles Font

A playful dingbat/picture font of what else but food. Each tiny illustration is offered as a line drawing and a reverse. Great for menus or to add a little fun to inter-office memos. Published by Outside The LineDownload Food Doodles

Dans Le Cuisine Font

Wild curves, flavors and experimentation, this is dans le cuisine. A dingbat set inspired by Chilean gourmet magazines of the 1960’s, it contains 67 things that you would find on dans le cuisine. Designed by Guisela Mendoza Published by LatinoTypeDownload