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Slice Font

Slice is an experimental, circular, display typeface designed by Superfried. Slice, like its big brother Slash, also features key incisions to form the glyphs. Unlike Slash, Slice is much simpler in design based on basic geometric forms and features both

Twist Font

Twist is an experimental, curvy, display typeface designed by Superfried. As it’s name suggests, it features intricate twists & turns. Twist has a very retro feel & it’s chunky structure leads to a distinct, high-impact display face. Twist has been

Blox Font

Blox is a bold, retro, experimental display typeface designed by Superfried. With a simple geometric structure, tight spacing and cuts, Blox is very distinct with high impact. This typeface has two styles vertical/ horizontal and has been featured on the

Basik Font

As the name suggests, Basik is a simple, clean and versatile sans-serif typeface designed by Superfried. It is equally apt in both body or display scenarios and it is now available in a stencil style. There are already numerous san-serif

Blob Font

Blob, designed by Superfried, is available in two formats Round & Square. It is an experimental, sans-serif display typeface based on simple geometric shapes. Although unorthodox, care has been taken to ensure that it is completely legible. Blob has been