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JH Fadi: A Modern Typeface Bridging Cultures and Fueling Creative Masks in Digital Design

In the realm of digital design, the power of typography is undeniable, often setting the emotive tone of the artwork, and the experience it creates. Modern typefaces, subtle in their iconic character yet extremely distinctive, have begun to dominate trends

Seribu Bulan Font

Seribu Bulan is inspired by term in the Islamic world about the night of Lailatul Qadr in the month of Ramadan. Seribu Bulan is a display type adapted from the form of a slab serif style. This typeface has a

Harpagan Font

Harpagan is an experimental type family characterized by scalable construction from mono linear grotesk to display bold. I’ve designed this typeface after my trip to Kyrgyzstan, Ubzbekistan and Kazachstan, where i’ve been impressed by impact of Arabic script in Asian

Dahka Font

Dahka is a humorous Arabic font that comes in two styles, normal and embossed. It suits various range of display purposes including web design, advertising, branding and mobile applications. Published by Scribo StudioDownload Dahka

Origami Font

Origami is an experimental Arabic font that is inspired by the art of paper folding. The font design simulates the basic origami folds in a geometric structure that replicates the Arabic letterforms. Origami is an SVG colored font which comes

Fenoon Font

Fenoon is an Arabic display font that is inspired by the ancient Square Kufic script. It features two weights and it suits visual identity design, art events, packaging and contemporary art projects. Published by Scribo StudioDownload Fenoon

Tajreed Font

Tajreed is an Arabic display font that is inspired by the Abstract art. The word Tajreed is the Arabic for Abstract. The font features a stylistic set In addition to a multicolored twin that expands its applications by bringing a

Lava Arabic Font

Lava Arabic designed by Ibrahim Hamdi, while the Latin letters are designed by Bumbayo Font Fabrik. Technical development of the typeface by Abdullah Aref. This font support Arabic, Persian and Latin languages in compact and well constructed typographic design. Published

Falak Font

Falak is an Arabic display font with rounded letterform that is inspired by the theme of astronomy and natural science. The font includes a stylistic set and it suits creative titling for both web and print. Published by Scribo StudioDownload

Tasreeh Font

If translated from Arabic, the word Tasreeh has multiple meanings between statement, permit or announcement. Tasreeh is an Arabic font that brings a special impression of text effectuality to words and phrases due to its active letterform structure. The font

Alama Font

Alama is an Arabic display font. The word Alama is the Arabic for sign, label or logo. This font is designed specially for branding and visual identities, but it also suits typographic compositions. It comes in two weights; Regular and

Taleeq Font

The word Taleeq is the Arabic for Fluent (or Freed). Taleeq is an Arabic typeface with a chirographic flavour. It consists of three weights and it suits various applications including publication, print and advertising. Published by Scribo StudioDownload Taleeq

Tashabok Font

The word Tashabok is the Arabic for overlapping or intertwinement. Tashabok is an Arabic display font with uniquely interwined hollow letterforms. It suits creative titling, branding, advertising and web. It also suits typographic compositions and print. Published by Scribo StudioDownload

Paxalah Font

Paxalah is the Arabic slang for Pixelation. This is an Arabic display font that is inspired by the 8-bit graphics. Paxalah suits various range of creative projects including web design, advertising and print. Published by Scribo StudioDownload Paxalah

Olfah Font

Olfah is an Arabic display font that features a friendly look with its casual style. The font suits advertising, infographics, web, print and creative headings. Olfah consists of two weights: Bold and Regular Published by Scribo StudioDownload Olfah