Category: arabic

Lavah Pro

Lavah Pro is the upgrade from old version of Lava Arabic 1.0. It's Arabic condensed/narrow with grunge and rough style

Quiverleaf Arabic CF

Quiverleaf Arabic CF is a font that was created with the intention of covering both Latin and Arabic scripts (based


Zokak is a first-of-its-kind ultra condensed Arabic typeface designed for display uses. The name means an alley in Arabic which

Resalaty Arabic

Resalaty Arabic is a fashionable, signature handwritten font with Arabic features added. Published by NamelaDownload Resalaty Arabic

Tufuli Arabic

Tufuli means “childish” in Arabic. In this font, I wanted to represent the characters as funny and flexible, just like

Madani Arabic

Madani Arabic is new version of Madani with the addition of Arabic glyphs, for Arabic, Urdu, and Farsi. Basic form

Meila Arabic

Meila Arabic is Meila's sibling with the addition of the Arabic glyph, for Arabic, Urdu and Farsi. Still carrying a


Tasmik literally means thickening, this font is thick like extrabold in wight, impressed firm but flexible, suitable for display text


Khayma is an arabic display font with the Kufi style. Khayma is an arabic with mean is tent or flexible