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JH Fadi: A Modern Typeface Bridging Cultures and Fueling Creative Masks in Digital Design

In the realm of digital design, the power of typography is undeniable, often setting the emotive tone of the artwork, and the experience it creates. Modern typefaces, subtle in their iconic character yet extremely distinctive, have begun to dominate trends

Download Alilato Font: A Modern Arabic Typeface for a Global Audience

In the world of typography, the fusion of tradition and modernity often leads to the creation of something truly unique and timeless. Such is the case with Alilato, a modern Arabic typeface family that seamlessly blends the rich heritage of

Lavah Pro Font

Lavah Pro is the upgrade from old version of Lava Arabic 1.0. It's Arabic condensed/narrow with grunge and rough style for vintage style posters, brands or ads maybe for food ads or movie poster. Lavah Pro is supported by OpenType

Quiverleaf Arabic CF Font

Quiverleaf Arabic CF is a font that was created with the intention of covering both Latin and Arabic scripts (based on the original Quiverleaf CF). There are five weights – from delicately light to extra bold- which combine together in

Zokak Font

Zokak is a first-of-its-kind ultra condensed Arabic typeface designed for display uses. The name means an alley in Arabic which comes from its very narrow letters, which makes it perfect in small spaces. Zokak has two main styles, the default

Resalaty Arabic Font

Resalaty Arabic is a fashionable, signature handwritten font with Arabic features added. Published by NamelaDownload Resalaty Arabic

Tufuli Arabic Font

Tufuli means “childish” in Arabic. In this font, I wanted to represent the characters as funny and flexible, just like childish characters can be. Tufuli has sloping terminal geometric shapes, giving it a playful feeling. Tufuli Arabic extended with the

Madani Arabic Font

Madani Arabic is new version of Madani with the addition of Arabic glyphs, for Arabic, Urdu, and Farsi. Basic form for Arabic font is refers to the Arabic Kufi style, with a geometric approach to harmony with Latin. Published by

Meila Arabic Font

Meila Arabic is Meila's sibling with the addition of the Arabic glyph, for Arabic, Urdu and Farsi. Still carrying a childish character with cheerful fonts, visuals showing bold and cute characters. Meila has fine lines on each side, especially on

Tasmik Font

Tasmik literally means thickening, this font is thick like extrabold in wight, impressed firm but flexible, suitable for display text and the center of interest. Published by NamelaDownload Tasmik

Khayma Font

Khayma is an arabic display font with the Kufi style. Khayma is an arabic with mean is tent or flexible shelter, as the name suggests, this font is very flexible for all your design needs Published by NamelaDownload Khayma

Araboto Font

Araboto is a simple geometric Arabic typeface, with six weights. You can use it in a variety of uses from printings to web and mobile. Published by Abdelrahman FarahatDownload Araboto

Shareb Pro Font

Shareb font was initially designed with a different style compared to other Arabic typefaces. It was released as a free display typeface and went popular. Therefore, we decided to take it to the next level. Accordingly, we worked on the

Kidzhood Arabic Font

Kidzhood Arabic represent the characters as funny and flexible, just like childish characters can be. Kidzhood Arabic was equipped with cute letter form and some attractive ligatures, giving it a playful feeling. This typeface is extended version of Kidzhood with

Aligarh Arabic Font

Aligarh Arabic is new version of Aligarh with the addition of Arabic glyphs, for Arabic, Urdu, and Farsi Basic form for Arabic font is refers to the Arabic Kufi style, semi-slab serif font formed with a smooth rounded bracket whose

Greycliff Arabic CF Font

Greycliff Arabic CF adapts Greycliff’s popular soft, geometric design to the Arabic script. Both Latin and Arabic glyphs are included, allowing for visually cohesive multiple-script applications. Greycliff’s original nine weights are covered, alongside Arabic script diacritics and wide language support,

Spektra Font

Spektra is a versatile multi-script type family that combines 5 scripts: Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic, Greek, and Hebrew. An unified counter space defines the construction that impacts the weight distribution of various styles. Spektra is a variable font with two axes:

Eskander Font

Eskander the first version designed at 2018, and re-designed at 2021. Eskander is Arabic typeface with rounded edges and friendly. For web, digital applications and prints, supported languages (Arabic, Persian and Urdu). Eskander is a trademark of Protype Fonudry Ltd,