Tag: 2017

Skema Pro Font

Skema Pro is a versatile system of 6 serif typefaces – each bearing a distinct character and purpose. Together they form a huge superfamily of 84 fonts to fit any imaginable task. Skema Pro Livro is a low contrast, low

Type Face Font

This set of Dingbats have influences from a whole host of modern subject matter such as TV, film, art , design and the internet the set has a wide range of fun, cute and emotional faces which makes gives them

Wakiki Font

A fontastic layered set, inspired by the beautiful Hawaiian look. Create your own style as you want with 3 Layers. Wakiki consist of a shadow layer, to make your design more alive. And especially, with a woodtexture and delicious cheese

YWFT Estee Font

The beauty sector is booming more than ever before, with Forbes reporting $445 billion (in sales) in the cosmetic industry as of May, 2017. Inspired by those companies driven to success in the name of glamour, YouWorkForThem presents Estee, an

Deposit Pro Font

Deposit Pro is a wide slab-serif family with low x-height. In both headlines and paragraph text it creates a serious yes friendly texture, making it particularly suitable for corporate communication design. Deposit Pro consists of 16 styles (8 weights and

Proxima Soft Font

Proxima Soft (2017) is a rounded version of Proxima Nova. With the same forty-eight styles (eight weights in three widths, plus italics), Proxima Soft fits the bill when you want something a bit warmer and more playful than its older

Orchidea Pro Font

Orchidea Pro is a typeface balancing on the verge of sans and serif. Called a stressed sans or a serifless serif, it does not feature any serifs, but resembles a serif typeface by build, and features unilateral nibs that speed