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Vtg Stencil US No 51 Font

The Vtg Stencil font series by astype is based on real world stencils. The US No. 51 design was derived from authentic stencil plates used by the U.S. Army in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Published by astypeDownload Vtg Stencil US

CA Recape Font

CA Recape is a weird and beautiful vintage script family with two styles. It’s an excellent choice for creating logotypes, headlines, signs, poster and any design that requires a custom-made feeling. The basic inspiration for CA Recape comes from American

Movie Script Font

“Movie Script” is the script that was used in German movie-brochures. Those were small four page leaflets with a lot of sepia-colored pictures about the movie one was about to see. Today those things are collectors items. The script was

Copperplate Wide Font

“Copperplate Wide” is remotely based on the traditional Copperplate typeface that can be seen on many business cards. I have completely redrawn the typeface in a much wider version and without those stubby little serifs. In the place of the

Bohemio Font

“Bohemio” is designed in memoriam of “Gunter Böhmer”, an artist that is famous for his many bookcovers of the 1950’s in Germany. The cover I took as an inspiration for this font is that of a book called “Stiller” (by

Pure Gold Font

With his henchmen pressed back by the mob into the inner sanctum of his estate, Chas Moneyton took to the roof. He was running out of options. Dropping his duffel bags with a clank from his enormous yet soft hands

Effete Font

Effete is a metropolitan titling typeface, similar in weight and proportion to fonts like Imre Reiner’s Corvinus, but both more expressive and less goofy. Effete conveys a sense of quality and authenticity. Published by WordshapeDownload Effete