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Bad TV Font

Nothing on TV? Get creative with this fuzzy and static stylized font with an rounded, comic book feel. Two weights for get creative with when cables cut, the dish is broken and the wi-fi is off! Published by Graphics BamDownload

FattyFatty Font

Large, fat, round, heavy, these are just some of the terms we could describe this hefty font. A fun, distinctive font that has to be noticed, great for headers to make pretty much anything stand out! Font file with upper,

Electro Fried Font

Shocked! Frazzled! Electrified! This type face has been through it all and here is the result. A font that looks like it’s been playing out in a thunder storm, a playful, fun font that will give a zap to any

Germ Font

Sneezes, wheezes and coughs is what we all think of when we think of germs. Bacteria, germs and versus all get a pretty bad press so we want to highlight with this font that some bacteria are good for you

Club 57 Font

With a nod towards Keith Haring illustrations, graffiti and artwork this font moves and shakes in its own way, probably a bit like the way Kieth and his friends may have danced at the very club this font is named

McCool Font

McCool is cool, this font plays hard! Layered with stripes, a think outlined font and a smaller thin font this family can be combined to make a crazy collection of looks. All fun, all inspired by our doodles we did