Designed by YouWorkForThem, YWFT Gavin is an eccentric type design based on the handset graphic collection, Gavin. While those original vector illustrations began as a hand-drawn exploration of George Bruce’s Seven-Line Pica, they eventually took on a life of their own.

YWFT Gavin carries the same “Jekyll and Hyde” unpredictability as its namesake predecessor, updated into a contemporary font family that marches to the beat of its own drum.

With more than 1800 glyphs at your fingertips, YWFT Gavin is jam-packed with free-spirited characters that defy convention. This type family conveys every message with a playful quirkiness that makes a bold statement in headlines, advertising, logos, website designs, book covers, album artwork, promotional materials, and so much more.

Offering hundreds of stylistic alternates to choose from, YWFT Gavin provides extensive multilingual support for global accessibility.

Published by YouWorkForThem

Download YWFT Gavin