Tag: Wildstyle

Mind Rush Font

Your third eye provides visual information to the near side of the pineal gland of a world in suspended motion. From this perspective, thoughts flicker in and out of being on an incorporeal film at an ever-increasing frame rate. Tune

First Take Font

With the air of a star he’d burst into a room like hot helium into space, sweeping us up in a solar wind. First Take, only take, he’d say. And then he’d do something–anything, really–and it didn’t matter so much

Silk Road Font

The world opened up. Sightlines to the shimmering horizon. Arid to the west, humid to the east, the infinite promise of space above, a Silk Road scratched out of the earth. Published by BLKBKDownload Silk Road

Wild Thing Font

Though Max had performed mischief of one kind and another, and sailed in and out of weeks, he found his supper waiting for him, and it was still hot. For he was still his mother’s Wild Thing. Published by BLKBKDownload