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Cabrito Didone Font

A graceful kid if ever you’ve seen one, Cabrito Didone joins the Cabrito family of fonts–a family designed to provide young infants with clear recognition of letter forms. The original letters were released as part of the children’s book about

The Salvador Font

The Salvador is a retro and decorative font design by Adam Fathony. Download Includes: • The Salvador Serif • The Salvador Shadow • The Salvador Inline • The Salvador Dotted Inline • The Salvador Script • The Salvador Script Shadow

Mightype Handlettering Pack Font

Mightype is a bundle of organic and hand lettering style fonts, published by Adam Fathony. This collection contains 8 fonts, such as: • Mightype Brush • Mightype Bold Serif • Mightype Serif • Mightype Cursive • Mightype Casual • Mightype

Midnight Owl Font

Midnight Owl is a condensed, hand lettered display font that was based on modernist-serif letterforms and packs a ton of quirky character into one single font. Use it clean, or dress it up a bit with the bonus decorative layers,

Southbank Font

Southbank Display Font is the latest font from Vintage Type Co. and comes with packed 4 unique condensed styles, each with an italic, and inked counterpart. Whatever you’re designing, one of these styles is sure to fit your needs! Aside

Haboro Font

Haboro is a powerful workhorse. It’s a neoclassical font developed for numerous uses, ranging from editorial and corporate to web pages and apps. This new face from insigne Design takes a modern twist on the high-contrast typeface genre known as

Pixel Party Font

Why does a pixel font need to be boring and monochrome? We are not in the 80s anymore. Use PixelParty for your colourful headlines and find the best combination between shape and colour for your project. With 15 weights with

Slab Serif Collection 01 Font

Slab serifs have always been popular on our site, so it was only a matter of time till we got a collection like this online. Filled with five different slab serif designs, this is surely going to offer numerous options

URW Slab Serif Collection Font

The URW++ Slab Serif Collection contains all of the muscle and masculinity of URW++’s finest Slabs, lined up in their boots and spurs, ready to take on all comers. These OpenType killers include various options like stylistic alternates, and make

Top Fonts of 2012 Font

The Top Fonts of 2012 collection takes 31% off the regular prices of a diverse collection of 53 font files. These were unbelievable sellers for us in 2012, and again a wide variety of styles is represented. If you need

Sudtipos Slab Serif Collection Font

The Sudtipos Slab Serif Collection contains three of Sudtipos's latest slab designs at a discount of 20% off. From the fashionable Inlove, to the curvaceous Hernandez, with also the super bold Rita fonts, this collection is a powerful asset to

PAG Collection Font

The PAG Collection is the first of its kind, containing 25 beautiful and diverse retro styled fonts by the Japanese font designer, Ryoichi Tsunekawa. Discounted at an astonishing 50% off the retail price, this collection is a must have for