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Arbeit Pro Font

Rediscover the acclaimed Neo Grotesk family with our remastered Arbeit – featuring perfect letterform balance and contrast, plus all-new alternates in each weight for an extra dose of style. Published by Samuel OakesDownload Arbeit Pro

KT Nirma Font

KT Nirma Sans Nirma is a typeface with 9 Weight Sans Serif from thin to Black, inspired by Founders Grotesk, This project start from April 2022 and start from the stretch until shaped the solid character to represent the Dynamic

Aktifo Font

Aktifo is designed with a modern and contemporary style, based on elementary geometric shapes and constructed of monolinear lines. It was design to be functional, leaving behind anything that can be regarded as superfluous. Aktifo comes in 28 styles: there

Schnebel Slab Font

Schnebel Slab is a refreshingly clear and strong interpretation of a contemporary Antiqua with subtle contrast and firm serifs, which offer excellent readability at very small size, and, at the same time, provide a lot of expression for use in

Sonny Gothic Font

Sonny Gothic is our most rational-geometric typefamily until so far. It’s inspired by the geometric style of the 70s, specifically by Herb Lubalin’s work. Since we were students, we have been gazing Lubalin’s logos, typefaces and magazines as inspiration that

Silta Font

Silta is a humanist sans designed for interface typography and screen legibility. Sharp where it counts, flexible where you need it — and always a friendly tone. With seven weights and matching italics it has the range required for complex

Paradroid Font

A pragmatic sans-serif which sits in the centre on the grotesque to geometric style spectrum. Equal measures of both letterforms create a neutral type family that is modern, functional, and easy to read without being too distractive. Details include seven

URW Dock Font

URW Dock is a contemporary geometric type family rooted in the square sans genre. Inspired by the square sans typefaces of the 60s, it is a reinterpretation and enhancement particularly designed for today’s requirements of a multipurpose font: to work

Fuse V.2 Font

Fuse Vol 2 is an extension to our popular Fuse type family. All of the corners of the typeface’s character are rounded, making Fuse Vol 2 friendlier and more amiable variant of the original Fuse. Designed with powerful OpenType features

Nutmeg Font

Nutmeg is a geometric typeface with a slight flavored touch. Although its structure is stick to the traditional forms, its details transform this typeface in a boldly project that separates it from other geometric fonts. Nutmeg’s texture can be perceived

Moldr Thai Font

Moldr Thai is a sans-serif Latin & Thai typeface design inspired by industrial machine molds. Published by DeltatypeDownload Moldr Thai

Moldr Font

Moldr is a sans-serif typeface design inspired by industrial machine molds. Published by DeltatypeDownload Moldr

Rival Sans Font

Rival sans is clean sans serif font family and it characterized by excellent readability and its contemporary aspect. It provides advanced typographical support with features such as case sensitive forms, small caps, ligatures, alternate characters, fractions, slashed zero, circled figures,