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Toadstool Font

My kids love toadstools, especially the red capped ones with the white spots (they’re called Amanita muscaria, a.k.a. fly agaric – in case you’re wondering). A couple of months ago you could find loads of them in the forest, but

Whale Song Font

I grew up with the ‘Save The Whales’ slogan: I remember watching the news and seeing little Greenpeace dinghies taking on huge Japanese whalers, and activists clinging on for dear life. I haven’t heard that slogan for a while: maybe

Canoodle Font

To canoodle means to hug and kiss passionately. I leave the rest to your imagination. Canoodle is also a very adorable font – some would even go as far as calling it kissable. It is an all caps typeface, but

Rumpelstiltskin Font

Rumpelstiltskin has been around for a while now. It is a cartoonish, happy font with an uneven baseline, great for use in children’s books and cards. Comes with a treasure trove of diacritics. Published by HanodedDownload Rumpelstiltskin

Garden Gnome Font

I am not really fond of Garden Gnomes, but this font is kinda cute and I figured it’d be a nice name. Garden Gnome is a very happy, easy to read Children’s Book font. It is bouncy, rounded and comes

Prince Frog Font

Prince Frog started out as an attempt to ‘pimp’ Rabbit On The Moon font. It quickly evolved into an entirely different typeface with just a hint of ‘Rabbit’ in it. Prince Frog is a very happy, very legible font and

Itoya Font

Itoya is a contemporary sans serif font influenced by Western and Japanese ideologies. A fusion of modern machine-like functions with a warmer, emotional and more spiritual ethic. The marriage of a western precision and eastern expression forms a sharp functional

Miel Font

Miel is a joyful hand drawn font inspired in the trace made by a trickle of honey. Miel font family has two fonts to chose which one fit better with your project or to mix both them in a single