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The Handwriting Collection Font

With the world’s love for all things handcrafted and organic, handwritten fonts have become more popular than ever before. To meet that rising demand without breaking your bank in the process, YouWorkForThem has put together The Handwriting Collection, a reserve

YWFT Thinaire Font

Tape hiss nearly obscures the tender chords and barely-whispered voice, singing a shy song that has the coffee house in tears. Yes, indeed, it’s YWFT Thinaire, the dreamy nerd that has all the librarians fluttering at the reference desk. Now

Hand Drawn Type Collection Font

This collection brings you our Top Twelve hand drawn fonts in one breathtaking package, and saves you over $100 in the process. Each font in this collection is based on original hand drawn alphabet designs, and covers styles ranging through

YWFT Hannah Font

YWFT Hannah is a type design comprised of three versions that work together as one, producing not variation and contrast between weights but between widths. The loose, hand drawn quality adds yet another layer of personality to the font. Hannah