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Goodchild Font

Goodchild Pro is a pragmatic text face, equipped for sophisticated academic typography. The face has a large x-height, as there is little point in adding to the stock of rangy “book” Jensons. Despite this departure from the archetype, in other

Attic Antique Font

Attic Antique replicates the warn, weathered text in a friend’s old copy of John Burroughs nature essays. It shares the wide spacing and ample serifs of the Century faces. Use it to represent age, to suggest photocopied archives, or to

Bonsai Font

The name “Bonsai” seems appropriate for this font for two reasons: its source of inspiration—some top-heavy text type I found in an old handbook on bonsai from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden—and its glyphs’ resemblance, however vague, to the ancient miniature