Tag: spirit

Straight Fighter Font

Straight Fighter is a stencil font that exudes strength, masculinity, and bravery. Inspired by classic war posters, military style, and the punk scene. With the unique stencil cutting and letter shapes, this font features bold lettering that demands attention.  

Lost Soul Font

Here is a font that is set up just for the ghouls, ghosts and spooky going-ons. It looks like its decaying and dripping, a terrifying upper and lower case font with numbers and symbols. Produce a cool looking poster or

P22 Relax Font

Relax, and its companion font, Relax Mix are two typefaces that evoke a playful spirit. Its casual curves and shapes make it the perfect accompaniment for the Ching Mang picture font. Designed by Hajime Kawakami. Relax and Relax Mix are