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Carpe Noctem Font

Carpe Noctem (Latin for ‘Seize The Night’), was a bit of a surprise. Someone asked me if I could create a lower case for my Closet Skeleton font. I began working on it and lo and behold, a beautiful font

Spike Font

Spiky, prickly and pointy, Ouch! This font can sting! If you are looking for a distressed, angry and irregular font that hosts upper, lower, numbers and symbols then Spike it the font family for you. For all your pointy, spiky

Neon Cactus Font

What’s better than a cactus? A neon cactus! Batteries not included. Spiky fun font. A cool looking funky freaky font designed with the home decor in mind. Create a nice, chic and very trendy looking crafty project with a messages

Bodiam Font

Two years ago I went on a camping holiday in England with my wife and (then two) small children. The first stop was a nature campsite near the village of Bodiam in East Sussex. My son wanted to see a

Toverheks Font

A Toverheks in Dutch means ‘witch’ – well, actually it means ‘magic witch’ (it doesn’t translate well). The reason for this kind of weird name is the nature of the font: it reminded me of a book of spells –

Closet Skeleton Font

Some time ago I stumbled upon a little book called ‘De Sprookjeshoorn’ (‘Horn of Fairy Tales’) by Anton Eijkens (1920 – 2012). It was published in 1946 and contains several authentic and unique fairy tales – unfortunately unreadable to modern

Pritchard Font

This all capital, condensed sans serif typeface was inspired by the strong geometric styles of the 1920’s Soviet Constructivist movement that are currently enjoying a big revival. Although Pritchard is condensed and features unusual letterforms, it is very readable and