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Sketchy Story Font

Sketchy Story is a rough edged, skinny font with a very hand-drawn feel. It comes in two versions: outline and filled, which can be used separately or on top of one another. This font is perfect for nursery prints, children's

Laqonic 4F Font

Laqonic 4F is a geometric modular grotesque with a technological character, perfectly suited for signage, logos and loud headlines. Published by Sergiy TkachenkoDownload Laqonic 4F

Velvet Pants Font

all. Narrow. Spaced wide. Sounds like a pair of fashionable trousers to me! Named after a song by the band Propellerheads, this font is fun for crafts, print, branding, and more! Not only are there standard letters, but the font

Thin Stanley Font

Meet Thin Stanley! He's here to make a big statement and help with those awkward spaces. A tall sans serif font with catchwords and swashes that pair perfectly and make for some fun typography. Published by Denise Chandler Download Thin

Save the Date Font

A wedding begins long before the “I Do’s” on the big day—everyone works together throughout the process to make sure that everything happens as planned: details, color combinations, decorations, the way we convey the magic of the visual elements and

Carley & Co. Font

Carley & Co. is a skinny, all caps font family that comes in a Light, Regular & Bold version. This condensed sans-serif will look great on your cards & invites, and it works perfectly when paired with other fonts. This

Trump Gothic Pro Font

Trump Gothic is a reconception of ideas from Georg Trump's seminal 1955 Signum typeface and its later reworking (Kamene) by Czech designer Stanislav Marso. Originally cobbled together for a variety of film projects in the late 1990s and early 2000s,

Sookie Font

Sookie is a cute, handwritten font. This playful sans-serif will look so good on your invites, cards, logo’s, and any other fun projects you are working on. Sookie contains standard characters, lowercase, uppercase, numbers, punctuation, ligatures, and international characters. Published

Trump Soft Pro Font

Trump Soft Pro is the softer, round-cornered version of Trump Gothic Pro, the popular condensed gothic seen on films, magazines, book covers and fashion brands all over the globe. Trump Soft offers a friendlier grade of the same economic functionality,

Altitude Condensed Font

Altitude Condensed is brand new and flying high. It is ultra thin but super smooth, making a big impact while staying lean. It supports most western languages and contains fixed width numerals for number layout perfection. Published by Tyler Finck

Januar Font

Januar is a quirky handwritten font. This playful sans-serif will look so cute on your logo’s, cards, invites, and any other fun projects you are working on. This font also works perfectly when pairing it with a script font. Published