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Basking in the Crayole Typeface: A Symphony of Dynamic Typography & Artful Charm

Immerse yourself in the world of expressive fonts with the vibrant Crayole font. This dynamic addition to your design toolbox brings an artistic blend of whimsical scribbles and organic charm to the table, adding life and personality to any project

Embracing Narratives with the Summertime Stories Font: A New Lettering Aesthetic

The world of digital design is ever burgeoning, constantly opening avenues where creativity and technology meld seamlessly. One such product amplifying this space is the enchanting Summertime Stories font. Exuding an artistic wave of homely warmth and simplicity, the Summertime

Sheepman Font

Sheepman font was named after my favorite Haruki Murakami character: the Sheep Man. Sheepman font is handwritten, messy, but legible and complete. It comes with alternates and ligatures. Published by HanodedDownload Sheepman

Psycho Killer Font

Psycho Killer is a song by the Talking Heads. It is also one of my favorite songs, so I figured I’d name a font after it. Psycho Killer is a script font; it contains some messy glyphs and gives the

Same Same But Different Font

Same Same, But Different is a loose, handwritten font with excellent legibility. It evokes post-it scripts, or notebook doodles and can be used virtually everywhere! Published by HanodedDownload Same Same But Different

Kubikajiri Font

Kubikajiri is a scary, scratchy font, hand-made using India ink and a sharp, old-fashioned pen. You can use it for a variety of projects, like ads, posters and websites. Just be careful you don’t lose your head… Published by HanodedDownload

Nightbird Font

Nightbird is a very detailed and scary brush font, made with ink, paint and stiff bristle brushes. It comes with an abundance of gore, decay and splatter. Nightbird is a rather heavy font, so be patient. Comes with all the

Paradise Lost Font

Paradise Lost is a 1667 poem by John Milton which mostly concerns the Biblical story of the Fall of Man, Eve’s temptation by the devil and the expulsion of Adam and Eve from Eden. It’s quite a hefty read, as

The Steinweiss Script Family Font

Based on the calligraphic work of Alex Steinweiss, the pioneering graphic designer who is credited with being The Inventor of the Modern Album Cover, Steinweiss Script is a family of fonts in three weights: Light, Medium, and Bold. Additionally, within