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Botanical Scribe Font

Botanical Scribe is modeled after the elegant hand-inscribed legends on the antique floral prints of Belgian artist Pierre-Joseph Redouté, perhaps the most famous painter of flowers. Redoute’s engravings used the stipple method—innovative for the early 1800s—and have survived in large

Schar Font

A humanist sans designed like a serif with high-stroke contrast, but without serifs. Calligraphic forms and consistent angle axis are combined to create a fluid and dynamic personality. Schar is a balanced sans serif with classic proportions ideally suited for

Nauman Font

A modern humanist sans serif made for the screen. Broad open letter forms are combined with precise geometry to create a functional and legible font that’s ideally suited to the web and on-screen applications. To reinforce readability and create more

Modum Font

A contemporary serif font family. The design takes influence from traditional serif forms to develop a precise, highly functional text face with a low contrast. Smooth radius details are blended with carefully drawn angles that give a crisp, distinctive aesthetic

YWFT Matter Font

Take the Matter into your own hands. YWFT Matter, that is–a wide, bold and grotesque typeface design based on several concepts from Victorian-era science texts and manufacturing/marketing materials. YWFT Matter features alternate characters, like a “two-story” lowercase “a,” that are