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East Variable Font

East Variable is a condensed sans serif typeface. It is timeless, but with a subtle nostalgia of vintage jazz albums, film titles, newspapers, and signage.   The light weight has excellent legibility at small sizes. The Extra Bold weight will

Aerodyne Font

Aerodyne is a highly versatile font family with seven weights and italics. While both modern and sleek in its line quality and flow, the fundamentals of this font set takes many of its design cues from more antiquated typestyles of

Gibralt Font

Gibralt inspired by Venetian style Typeface that appeared in the late 14th century, with some improvisation. Designed with high contrast. The stems are not completely straight, slightly narrow in the middle, combining rounded and right angle at the terminals and

Gosent Font

Gosent is a sans serif font design published by Namela Published by NamelaDownload Gosent

Bandy Font

Bandy is a serif font design published by Namela Published by NamelaDownload Bandy

Radal Font

Two times awarded on Bienal Tipos Latinos 2012 and 2014, Radal is one of the most expected releases for all those who know well the Latin American type scene. Inspired by the capricious and temperamental southern Chile geography and the

Vikive Font

Vikive is a family of Sans Serif fonts, better known in its origins as “Gothic” in America or “Grotesque” in Europe. Some authors divide them into three categories: Grotesque, Geometric and Humanistic. Probably, it can be defined that Vikive has

Multiple Font

As its name suggests, Multiple is a family with multiple font styles. The idea that sums up the concept behind the typeface is workhorse—the challenge was to develop a useful font fit for any scenario and suitable to any design