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Marsellino Font

Marsellino is a handwriting font design published by Muhammad Nur Published by Muhammad NurDownload Marsellino

The Roman Historia Font

Introducing The Roman Historia, a stylish and unique serif font that will elevate your design projects to the next level. With its premium quality and luxurious feel, this font is carefully crafted to provide a sophisticated look to your designs.

Balbek Font

Introducing Balbek, A modern condensed sans serif ligature typeface. The balbek font is an eye catching heavy and condensed sans serif type face. The inspiration for this font were other condensed sans serif such as Gabo Drive and Impact. The

Bearskin Font

NO! I don’t have a bearskin rug, nor a fur collar on my jacket. I believe fur should only be worn by its first owner. I have no idea why I called this font Bearskin: maybe I was influenced by

Bitterbrush Font

I needed a name with ‘brush’ in it and most have already been taken, so I did a little digging and found out that Purshia tridentata, a flowering plant native to the mountainous areas of western North America is called

Runaround Kid Font

I was listening to some old Smashing Pumpkins albums when I created this font. The name comes from a song called *** You (An Ode To No One). Runaround Kid is a hand painted typeface. I used Chinese ink and

Symptomatic Font

No, rest assured – I am not ill. I just liked the letter combination of Symptomatic! Symptomatic is a messy connected brush script. Use if for your book titles, posters and product packaging. Comes with double letter ligatures and a

Fairy Godmother Font

I like ‘magical’ fonts and it’s been a while since I created one, so here is Fairy Godmother. Hand made, cute and curly and full of magic! Fairy Godmother comes with a whole bunch of swashes! Published by HanodedDownload Fairy

Silent Echo Font

Silent Echo – the name just popped up! I didn’t hear and echo, nor is it very silent here (with three kids running around). Silent Echo is a handmade all caps font. Quite neat, very legible and full of swashes!

Castle On The Hill Font

When I started working on this font, I had the radio on. Ed Sheeran was singing his song ‘Castle On The Hill’ and when I looked at this new font of mine, I couldn’t help but notice it had a

Brushzilla Font

Brushzilla is a handmade brush font with a bite: it feeds off the creative energy from the depths of your mind and transforms it into something outstanding. Work with it, not against it. Ride the wave and let it take

Chilly Cherry Font

It’s cherry season, so I bought 2 kilos of cherries at the local cherry farm. The cherries I bought had been in a cooling cell, so they were quite cold. As I was eating them, the name for this new

Bitumen Font

Bitumen is a sticky, black, and highly viscous liquid form of petroleum. When I created this font, it reminded me a bit of asphalt, hence the name. Bitumen is a handmade font based on Schmallfette Grotesk by Walter Haettenschweiler and