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Havana Sunset Font

Let your hair down and enjoy the ride with Havana Sunset! This font duo pairs a carefree & textured script font with a trendy all-caps serif, creating the perfect typography contrast for fun, free & stylish design projects. This font

Teacup Font

I remember a tea ceremony I attended in Fukuoka, Japan. The teahouse was set in a small, but beautiful garden and the whole idea of the ceremony was to appreciate the view from the porch. I thought the tea was

Sloppy Comic Font

Looking for a clean, hand written comic style without any of the hang ups from THAT other comic font? Great for birthday invites, children’s parties and such. Outlined so you can choose the colour or maybe print out the words

Bubble Ras Font

This font was used in a poster for a submission for the ‘International Reggae Poster competition’ 2015. It’s outlined fun, bubble type and relaxed mon! You will also find a full bodied font that fits in nicely to mix up

Food Truck Font

Food Truck package is a wonderful set of fonts. During my recent trip to Japan, I stumbled upon a food truck / street food festival in Nara. Besides drinking the best cup of coffee ever (seriously, it was THAT good!),

Pusekatt Font

Pusekatt means Pussycat in Norwegian. It was finished on a rather gloomy monday, which reminded me of Norway and I just like cats. There you have it: the naming of fonts explained. It ain’t rocket science for sure! There is

Petit Four Font

A “Petit Four” is a small, bite-sized, French pastry. The font before you is a bite-sized Hanoded original. It is handmade, fun to use and comes with a lot of calories. Like its namesake, use Petit Four sparingly and it

Breakfast Burrito Font

Recently I have been watching some re-runs of Dexter. In season 1, Debra has a rough morning and complains she cannot make it through the day without eating a breakfast burrito. The name stuck, a font was born and the

Hyggelig Font

After watching a bunch of Danish series like Dicte, Bron and The Killing, I figured it would be nice to give my newest font a Danish name. It became Hyggelig. Hyggelig, like the Dutch word ‘Gezellig’, cannot be translated into