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Mellar Font

Introducing Mellar, an unconventional and strikingly hefty font that exudes simplicity and modernity. Comprising of two unique styles – round and square, and three widths – Toppo, Medio, and Botto, it offers immense versatility. Mellar shines as a variable font,

Fat Kitty Kat Font

Fat Kitty Kat is a hand made, rather bouncy and happy font. It was thought up, drawn and vectorised during an unusually long rainy period in a small Porto hotel room. Kitty Kat’s glyphs are rather rough, but legible and

YWFT Pudge Font

Extreme girth is the name of the YWFT Pudge game. This thing is a monster. An Opentype font design set in super overweight style with a hand-drawn touch, YWFT Pudge is perfect for the biggest and fattest of headlines. Not

TS Berfa Font

TS Berfa is an ultra-black display sans with a grounded temperament and a warm heart. Stern but fair, she’s remarkably agile for her size, ideal for any occasion calling for weighty headlines and a strong character. Berfa also has a

Tubby Font

Tubby came about when I made a book with Cooper Black as a headline font. I started playing with heavy forms, and as a result was Tubby. It has a fat and friendly feel, and with swash italics it is