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Funny Note Font

Funny Notes is based on a recipe for a vanilla cake. And how is that? The reason is that Funny Notes is full of calories, vanilla and a spoonful of comic soft crumb! Published by PizzaDude.dkDownload Funny Note

Just in case Font

Just in case you need something crispy for your next project – this could be it! Handmade, multilingual and with contextual alternates – 4 different versions of each letter, and these cycle automatically as you write, for a random look.

Quote Note Font

With Quote Note I did my best to make a simple and unsophisticated font. I wanted the letters to come out as if they were made with a fat marker on a note. Well, I'll let you be the judge

Night Delivery Font

Since I live in a hamlet without any facilities whatsoever, I order a lot online. Most deliveries are done during daytime, but some companies prefer to deliver my stuff at night. When I was drawing out the glyphs for this

Too Cool for School Font Trio Font

Too Cool for School Font Trio includes 3 fun hand-drawn fonts: PhysEd – a collegiate slab serif, Notemaker – a super useful sans, and Schoolhouse – a childlike block font with solid and outline versions. Published by Denise Chandler Download

Braisetto Font

Braisetto is a handwritten, signature font family with five weights, multiple alternates, and natural ligatures. Inky and expressive yet readable and functional, this typeface is designed to look personal and be useful in a variety of applications. It can stand

Double Quick Font

Double Quick is a fast, handwritten font with excellent legibility. It was designed to look like a quick grocery list, a hasty ‘I Love You’ note penned down on a Post-it or a home improvement to-do list. Comes with extensive

Harajuku Script Font

Harajuku Script is an ‘easy-on-the-eye’ script font. I made it with a Japanese brush pen. The font is quite stylish, so I named it after Tokyo’s Harajuku area, which is known internationally as a center of Japanese youth culture and

Spag Bowl Font

Massive bundle with 5 weights from Light, Reg, Bold, Black and regular outlined. Hungry? Well here is an inspired food font by that lovely Italian dish, slightly wiggly comic font. Good for handwriting or comic sans replacement. ‘Spag Bowl’ is

Master Works Font

He takes the novice’s hands in his hands and forgives his fumbling. Decades removed from that seat, but only months from his journeyman toil, the Master Works on his apprentice: Shaping hands to shape hands, such that eyes may perceive

Sandbanks Font

It’s a lazy hand written, fun commercial ready font to advertise your chilled but on the commercial aware that gets you more than a glance and a winning sell. Be remembered for your smart and fun font you use for

More Or Less Font

More Or Less was made with a permanent marker pen on thin Japanese paper. It is a handwritten note-style font with an uneven baseline and zippy glyphs. Comes with bells & whistles and a whole bunch of diacritics. Published by

Rabbit Escape Font

Lately I have been thinking about rabbits. Not that I have a particular love for rabbits – they’re cute, but also kind of stupid. But as Christmas dinner is approaching, I see more rabbit carcasses lining the shelves of supermarkets.

Sheepman Font

Sheepman font was named after my favorite Haruki Murakami character: the Sheep Man. Sheepman font is handwritten, messy, but legible and complete. It comes with alternates and ligatures. Published by HanodedDownload Sheepman