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Paganini Font

Designed in 1928 by Alessandro Butti under the direction of Raffaello Bertieri for the Nebiolo foundry, Paganini defies standard categorization. While it definitely is a classic foundry text face with obvious roots in the oldstyle of the Italian renaissance, its

Unger Script Font

Unger Script is a font which is obviously based on Aldo Novarese’s Slogan designed for Nebiolo in 1957. This very expressive script design is defined by its widely swinging upper case and its quite narrowly designed lower case characters. Ralph

P22 Cigno Font

P22 Cigno is a new digitization of the 1950s Italian typeface by Aldo Novarese for the Nebiolo foundry. This semi-formal script has a definite mid-century European flavor suitable for menus, invitations and poster work. Along with the accurate rendition of

Butti Font

In 1951 Alessandro Butti cut a fontfamily for Nebiolo which he called Fluidum. Both weights, light and bold, were now revived and named Butti. Published by RMU TypedesignDownload Butti