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Sonny Gothic Font

Sonny Gothic is our most rational-geometric typefamily until so far. It’s inspired by the geometric style of the 70s, specifically by Herb Lubalin’s work. Since we were students, we have been gazing Lubalin’s logos, typefaces and magazines as inspiration that

Nutmeg Font

Nutmeg is a geometric typeface with a slight flavored touch. Although its structure is stick to the traditional forms, its details transform this typeface in a boldly project that separates it from other geometric fonts. Nutmeg’s texture can be perceived

Muri Font

Muri Font is your basic cute font. A handwritten, multilingual, display font, with Greek and Basic Latin characters, punctuation marks, diacritics and numbers. The font is hand crafted, but still maintains it’s legibility and balance so it can be used

Proba Pro Font

Proba Pro is a geometric sans with lowered x-height, prominent acsenders and descenders and subtle huminast touch. It comes in 7 weights + matching italics each supporting numerous Latin-based languages as well as major Cyrillic languages. It is packed with