Tag: multi-line

CA Fourty Open Font

CA Fourty Open is another take on the concept of a multi-line typeface. It reminds us of neon-sings, but lifts the 50s aesthetics to a contemporary level. Although it’s an all-caps font, upper and lower cases differ a little bit.

Stripes Font

Stripes is a caps only font and does not contain additional ligatures, because there is an easy way to create as many of them as you like. To form a ligature, convert your word or word string into vectors. Activate

Colo Pro Font

Colo Pro is a display family with a lot of room for application, most obvious being the tightly fitted headlines. Inspired from some retro style fonts like Bauhaus , but with more weight and inner line implemented. Published by FontfabricDownload

Sudoku Font

A brand new addition from FontFabric, introducing Sudoku. The typeface comes in 5 different styles. Sudoku is applicable for any type of graphic design – web, print, motion graphics etc and perfect for t-shirts and other items. Published by FontfabricDownload