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Squalo Font

Squalo, the genesis The idea of this new project called Squalo bumped into my mind when when I was working up with excitement to my sketches, chasing for a strong typographical character, that for me has to be crystallized in

Aktifo Font

Aktifo is designed with a modern and contemporary style, based on elementary geometric shapes and constructed of monolinear lines. It was design to be functional, leaving behind anything that can be regarded as superfluous. Aktifo comes in 28 styles: there

Molde Font

Molde is a super sans serif font family, belonging to the neo-grotesque style. Formally, Molde was inspired by the extreme sobriety of famous post-Bauhaus Swiss Movement of the mid-twentieth Century. The masters of this style are famous for eliminating all

Nimbus Sans No 5 Font

Designed by Max Miedinger, Nimbus Sans is a sans-serif typeface created by URW, based on Helvetica. The family supports Western Europe, East Europe, Turkish, Baltic, Romanian languages. Some of the fonts have history predating Helvetica’s first release. For example, Nimbus

Nimbus Sans Font

Break the Fontopoly. Helvetica. The boss of the 600-lb gorillas. A famous name, known in every corner of the world as the end-all, be-all of sans-serif typefaces. It even has its own feature film. But, what if everything you assumed